Fixed Cost TRACEABLE FIXED COSTS CAN BECOME COMMON FIXED COSTS: Fixed costs that are traceable to

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traceable cost

One cost can become a traceable fixed cost for one segment and a common cost for another. The direct or traceable costs of departments can be identified with the help of source documents and accounting records. What portion of the company Head Office expenses should be charged to different departments? Since the Managing Director’s salary and other Head Office expenses benefits all three operating departments, these costs should be charged to all three departments.

Explain how the difference between overhead assigned to production and actual overhead costs is recorded. Differentiate between functional-based costing and activity-based traceable cost costing. Comment on cost distortions commonly observed in traditional costing systems. Explain why the distinction between these two types of costs is important.

Common Cost Definition:

This is because the quantity of the supervisor’s salary is known, while the unit production levels are variable based upon sales. There is often certain ambiguity regarding the treatment of depreciation.

traceable cost

Can a common cost for one segment be a traceable cost for another segment? Distinguish between a traceable cost and a common cost. India has started taking initiatives for setting up traceability systems at Government and Corporate levels.

What are Traceable Costs?

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They may decide to continue or shut down any unprofitable product, process, or cost object. Fixed cost is the cost that will occur regular basis regardless of the production quantity. The cost will remain the same over a period of months, quarterly and annually. Fixed cost will not change based on the production while the variable cost will change depending on the number of production. If two activities use the same amount of direct costs, will they also consume approximately the same amount of overhead costs? Explain the difference between mixed, variable, and fixed costs. Examine the pros, cons, and principles of cost accounting systems and view cost accounting examples.

Traceable costs definition

A segmented income statement is a management accounting technique that divides the income statement into sections. It might be a manufacturing business that makes and sells a variety of products, or a retailer that offers a variety of products.

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  • Explain when you would use a process costing system and what the purpose of equivalent units is.
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  • But if multiple products are produced in plant A, the manager’s salary is indirect to the specific products.

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