Always two weeks elapsed between your zaruchyny while the vesillya (wedding)

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The fresh bridegroom transmitted figurines from an ox and you may good plow made out of cash and therefore symbolized husbandry while the work he’d end up being carrying out

The brand new fiance is meant to create good wreath off plants and colorful ribbons and whenever she starred in societal, she had to wear such as an effective wreath. Typically the most popular day of the newest month having wedding parties was Weekend. Towards the Tuesday, this new korovay (large loaf out of dough) is supplied to the newest newly wedded couples in the wedding is baked, as well as other ritual biscuits and cakes. The whole process of korovay to make was followed closely by singing of musical appropriate for the newest occasion. About Home from Halychyna, an excellent figurine out of baran (ram) made from cash was made available to new newly weds. It baran is a good a symbol replacement out-of a real creature you to had previously been sacrificed within wedding receptions on the pagan minutes. On the Carpathians, as opposed to the baran, one or two geese created from dough had been exhibited. New korovay presentation service was performed by the women that had been away from smiling temper and you will pleased in marriage; zero solitary girls or widows have been allowed to participate in the new presentation. Including with the Saturday, the fresh vesilne hiltse – “matrimony ritual tree” – is actually decorated regarding bride’s household. It actually was a great sapling otherwise an enormous department that the bridegroom had to cut and you will give their fiancee’s home. Which forest symbolized the new Tree away from Lives, and you can is actually decorated from the bride’s mothers and/or 2nd regarding kin, otherwise girls, family relations of your bride, with multicolored ribbons and you will red-colored berries. On hen team towards the Friday nights until the relationships, the girls expose on cluster was basically putting on wreaths created from periwinkle or myrtle and that symbolized virginity and you may love. Audio was basically sung; the newest fiance loosened their unique braids (in the event that she got an elder brother, it was he just who did the newest unbraiding) while the a motion of goodbye to their single life. Inside routine named posad, which had been performed that night, the brand new bride-to-be is contributed to brand new chervony (“beautiful”) area throughout the biggest space of the house where in fact the icons had been showed and in which she repaid symbolic respect to her ancestors. On the Monday, the fresh fiance along with her loved ones together with groom together with loved ones went on their own within the village that have bread welcoming men and women to become on the relationship, and you will saying “My personal mom, and you can my father and i, also, ask you to come to my wedding the next day!”

Which ritual are called “pereyma” – “interception

Big day. Into the Sunday, the brand new molody (bridegroom; actually – the students one to) would be to head to their bride’s home whence they will go in order to chapel. The newest bridegroom’s mother moved your with the entrance of the domestic, true blessing him and you may throwing grain otherwise brief coins more your. Within some point on the way to the brand new bride’s house, new bridegroom’s improvements is actually barred and you will “ransom” on bride-to-be try necessary from the a small grouping of the newest bride’s members of the family. The bridegroom had to give out merchandise, drink and food, otherwise currency, and he is let by way of. ” As he come to the fresh new bride’s lay, brand new groom are meant to simply take their inside the fingers and you will hold their unique some length in the house towards the wishing carriage or truck. The wedding instruct contained of a lot pony-drawn wagons or any other equivalent car that have been adorned with herbs, ribbons and you will carpets. In one of the wagons is actually carried the newest vesilne hiltse – the fresh Forest regarding Lives which also symbolized this new continuity off years (a kind of “genealogical forest”). Traditions of planning the wedding trains ranged from part to part. Regarding the Carpathians, like, the participants, for instance the molodi (the new betrotheds; actually – “the young ones”) rode towards the horseback in lieu of inside wagons. The newest parade checked noble and you will impressive, and also the bride together with bridegroom was in fact also known as “knyaz” – “Duke,” and you will “knyahynya” – “Duchess.” The latest fiance transmitted good dyven – dough roll as a controls, or in other words good tire, whereby she would ceremoniously look-in the new four directions of the nation and view what the future stored for their unique that have her spouse-to-be.

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