Harcourt informs Horner throughout the his fascination with Alithea

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Pinchwife productivity household and you will discovers Margery, his spouse, worrying so you can Alithea about their unique partner’s handling conclusion. Pinchwife overhears the brand new dialogue and conveys their jealousy. Margery does not learn their unique husband’s anxieties. Pinchwife punishes his wife’s delighted conclusion by locking their in her own room.

Margery rapidly cues a relationship mention letter with her sister’s label

Sparkish and you can Harcourt reach Pinchwife’s domestic to visit Alithea, Margery’s cousin. Alithea are involved so you can Sparkish. Harcourt lusts more Alithea. Harcourt flirts that have Alithea in front of Sparkish, however the pompous socialite are uninformed. Harcourt, Alithea, and Sparkish exit Pinchwife’s. Lady Fidget along with her family relations go to Pinchwife’s to see Margery. Pinchwife chases the ladies out of.

Lady Fidget along with her household members lament its insufficient suitors. Sir Jasper will come with Horner and you will Dorliant and you will asks the two to take the ladies into movie theater. The women reject so it proposal – Dorliant makes. Clueless one Horner’s male impotence try feigned, Sir Jasper claims the fresh ladies reputation feel unaffected whenever they match Horner with the theatre. Horner takes Woman Fidget aside and you will says to their particular you to definitely their impotency are a tactic discover closer to her. Flattered, Lady Fidget convinces the guy loved ones so you’re able to praise Horner. Sir Jasper simply leaves for carrying on their company. Horner and also the feminine direct into theatre.

During the Pinchwife’s household, Margery is actually tired of are kept in the home. She means their husband bring her to town. Pinchwife relents but forces Margery to full cover up herself while the one. Alithea plus the maid, Lucy, compliment Pinchwife and Margery towards theatre. From the street, Sparkish meets Horner, Harcourt, and Dorliant while they explore Alithea. Pinchwife, Margery, Alithea, and you may Lucy pass the team of males on their way to the latest theater. The fresh guys follow Pinchwife, curious about the newest mystical guy associated the team. Pinchwife tells the fresh men that guy in his business is his wife’s sibling. Sparkish requires Alithea to forgive Harcourt for their committed choices. Horner talks to Margery, nevertheless clothed because a man, and you can glides their particular a hug, asking the person to give it so you’re able to their cousin. Pinchwife attempts to refrain Horner and his team but goes wrong. Horner leads Margery away and gift suggestions their a lot of money out-of fruit. Margery output so you’re able to Pinchwife as Sir Jasper happens and you can reminds Horner off his obligation to escort the ladies towards the movie theater.

The next day, Sparkish travels in order to Pinchwife’s household so you’re able to marry Alithea. The brand new service is named from when Alithea knows Harcourt due to the fact pastor. At the same time, Pinchwife interrogates Margery in the their own communication with Horner. Margery says to Pinchwife Horner have kissed her. Pinchwife, beat by the jealousy sД±cak Guyanese kadД±n tanД±Еџma siteleri, forces their wife to enter Horner a letter you to spurns their enhances. Margery, who’s dropped crazy about Horner, writes a couple of emails: that see their own husband’s needs and one that confesses their particular love.

Woman Fidget gets to Horner’s domestic and you may leaves by herself during the him. Sir Jasper finds Horner’s house once. Woman Fidget performs of their unique objectives to own their own checking out Horner. Mrs. Squeamish, Lady Fidget’s friend, arrives along with her granny while the Lady Fidget is offered out of Horner’s space. Pinchwife gets in to send his wife’s page to Horner. Lady Fidget, Mrs. Squeamish, and Mrs. Squeamish’s grandma hop out Horner’s having Sir. Jasper. The letter confuses Horner, who are unable to learn Pinchwife’s glib feelings. Pinchwife attempts to log off inside triumph but is hearalded returning to our home because of the Sparkish, exactly who implores Pinchwife to visit their wedding dinner.

The fresh new love confession is distributed to help you Horner rather than the refusal

Pinchwife returns where you can find see Margery composing. Pinchwife vows to bring Alithea so you’re able to Horner to settle the problem. Margery disguises herself due to the fact Alithea. Pinchwife inadvertently provides Margery so you can Horner. Pinchwife and Margery, concealed once the Alithea, visited Horner’s household. Margery means to talk to Horner alone. Pinchwife, unaware of their wife’s sly trickery, departs their own by yourself which have Horner. Sir Jasper will come to share with Horner that Woman Fidget along with her family unit members are arriving over to own a juicy evening party.

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