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Characters so you can a great relative 1964 – 1972 from the Sheila Crook. John Stones child out of Matthew and Mary Ann Makinson, was given birth to 1879. He CharmRomance dejting married during the Bolton together with a couple daughters. His aunt Ann was born in Bolton during the 1901. She s Holt plus they had two sons. John emigrated so you’re able to Australia ranging from 1906 – 1910. Ann emigrated to help you Australian continent and had a couple far more pupils. Ann Rocks Holt passed away December 1972. Post discusses 1879 – 1972 about parish Bolton, Lancashire, The united kingdomt, and in the fresh parish of Perth, West Australian, Australian continent. Blog post about Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #step 1 January 1988, pgs 33-thirty-five

Snippet and imagine on the record regarding Ellen Haslam by the Chris Gregory. Ellen Halsam, d was given birth to towards ten November 1869 on Bolton John and you will Sarah had fourteen pupils ahead of the guy died on years 53. Blog post talks about the years 1829 – 1895 on the parishes out of Bolton, Lancashire, along with Malpas, Cheshire. Blog post throughout the Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #1 January 1988, pgs thirty-five-37

Goods away from ‘Mary borough standard’ newspaper 20 October 1910 (Victoria Australia) Fantastic wedding Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones by the Eileen Jones. Joseph Jones was born in 1836 from the Blackrod near Bolton an excellent child of John Jones and you may Ann Darbyshire. The guy hitched Age Rowland into the October 1860. They’d 11 children. Joseph died eleven November 1911. Age died from inside the 1930. Article talks about many years 1836 – 1979 on parishes off Talbot, Victoria, Australian continent and you may Blackrod, Lancashire, England. Blog post regarding the Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #1 January 1988, pgs 37-40

Blog post covers the entire year 1851 about parish away from Chadwell, Essex, England

Scots for the Wales: School attendence 1912. 19 English; 19 Welsh, 13 Scotch, step 3 Irish. Within the strengthening of one’s Alwen Reservoir Dam, Denbeigh. A number of pupils providing name, season produced, earlier college, and mother or father otherwise protector. Article covers recent years 1898 – 1912 regarding county from Denbigh and Wale. Article regarding Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #1 January 1988, pg forty-five

Install Pleasant Scotch Secession Church previously worshipping in Gloucester Street, Liverpool Baptisms part III. A listing of baptisms providing infant’s term, mothers names and big date parece is actually: McDowal, Moore, McGuffie, Stewart, McKenzie, Crawford, Gowldie, Stewart, Inglis, Lindsay, Rainford, Bryce, Kemp and you can Mason. Blog post talks about the year 1812 about parish away from Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Article on Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #1 January 1988, pg 49

A collection out-of strays on burial register St John’s Church, Longsight of the Milly Taylor

Sure to have Canada because of the Mr. M. J. Gandy. Away from 1881 Census indexed because immigrants waitin to possess embarkation to help you Canada. Thoughts away from household, age, in which produced try indexed away from Ireland, Scoland and you may The united kingdomt. Surnames is actually: Mears, Watson, Johnson, Fraser, Grimnon, Armstrong, Kenney, Walsh, Lords, Hollowell, Drake, Avitt, Walsh, Trussell, Jones, Reynolds, Kelly, Hall, Quinn, Keilley, Kerr, McCrudden, Garry, Mulloney, Baker, Leman, Sullivan, Sommerville, Brown and you can Fleming. Article on the Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #step one January 1988, pg 52

Listed by-place of resource, term, burial go out, and you can many years. Blog post discusses many years 1847 – 1905 throughout the parish out of Longsight, Lancashire, The united kingdomt. Blog post regarding Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #2 April 1988, pgs 85-86

Every image says to a narrative from the Mr and you will Mrs. Eric E. Mather. A photograph suggests James Heaton Household members (c1890). Identified are: Priscilla 1858 – 1934, Hannah 1859 – , Mary Jane 1862 – , Elizabeth Alice 1865 – 1930, Lily 1867 – 1923, Thomas 1870 – 1936, Margaret Ellex 1872 – 1936, Rachel Ann 1874 – 1960, Nancy 1879 – 1963. (father) James 1837 – 1912 (mother) Ellen Townley 1836 – 1916. Post covers many years 1836 – 1963 in the parish away from Bolton, Lancashire, England. Blog post on Manchester Genealogist v. 24 #dos April 1988, pgs 89-ninety

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